Calls for dialogues are now closed. Conference schedule is forthcoming.

The biennial Dialogues are a collaborative effort to reinvigorate Seneca Falls as a site of feminist activism and intellectual exchange. We invite students, activists, and teachers to participate in a weekend of dialogue on the following themes:

  • Intersectional Resistance and Activism
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Immigration, Refugees, and Border-Crossing
  • Indigenous Sovereignty and Activism
  • Queering Racial Justice
  • Transfeminism
  • Digital Spaces
  • Popular Culture and Representations
  • Feminism, Race, and the Arts
  • Race and the Seneca Falls Legacy
  • Women of Color on the Margin of Traditional Feminist Movements
  • Constructions of Disability
  • Media Literacy and Bias

Group-led sessions will involve active audience participation and focused discussion of issues raised by the conference themes. Any inclusion of pedagogy is always welcome. Organizers will present information, pose questions, and facilitate conversation.

Conference participants will be invited to submit essay versions of their dialogues for inclusion in the on-line Seneca Falls Dialogues Journal.


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