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President Barack Obama, still campaigning in October of 2008, responded to our inquiry of all candidates:  “What would you do to promote CEDAW, the Equal Rights Amendment, and the advancement of women?”

Read President Obama’s letter, pledging his support for the advancement of women...


The Women’s Institute for Leadership & Learning (WILL) joins with the Women’s Rights National Historical Park and the Friends of the Park to present the fifth in a series of unique opportunities to see and hear Elizabeth Cady Stanton speak.

Following a local tradition, the Women’s Institute for Leadership and Learning (WILL) has celebrated International Women’s Day each year with a local educational event featuring a portrayal of Stanton.

This year, the organization is doing things differently. The event has been moved to Sunday, March 1, at 3 pm and will instead honor the Grand Re-Opening of the Women’s Rights National Historical Park.

Entitled, “How the Other Half Lives: Family Life, Moral Reform and Social Justice,” the one-hour program will also allow participants to ask questions. Refreshments will be available.

Noted for her accurate portrayals of Stanton, much of Grube’s career has focused on the social reformer’s writings and history.

According to Grube, the dialogue with Beals would have been meaningful to Stanton:

“(Beals) knowledge would have resonated with Stanton as a social reformer and feminist,” said Grube.

“This dialogue will look at the family from the perspective of social justice and class difference and the ways in which mothers, social reformers, and benevolent ladies of the 19th century began to create, albeit imperfectly, the social work field of the 20th and 21st centuries,” she continued.


Earlier that same day, the National Park will feature Barbara LeSavoy, PhD, Director of Women and Gender Studies at The College at Brockport (SUNY), who will be speaking at 1 PM on American and Russian women, comparing their struggles for equality.  She will focus on how those championing women’s rights find their voice.

The Women’s Rights National Historical Park Visitor Center has been closed during the month of February for changes to exhibits.  

“We’re excited to welcome visitors to the newly updated Visitor Center” said Ami Ghazala, Superintendent.

 For more information on the Park, refer to their website or by calling 315.568.2991.

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